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Up date and patches - Triple Trouble

Mardi 21 novembre 2 21 /11 /Nov 16:56

A new patch, the 1.4, just came out on the Web for Singles 2. Correcting the save games bug for those who are using the 1.3 patch, seems to be its main job.  That is still to be confirm !

Right now, I'm trying to get more information on this new patch. I will be back as soon as I have it.

Stay tune !

EDIT 11/23/2006 :

This new 1.4 patch from Rotobee :

-is a version that fixes the wall crash bug. And the the copy protection is remove ! So no more cd and Starforce, compatible for CD, DVD and "Online shopping version" of the game.

-it should be good for all language versions of singles2. But was not test on every language, so no guarantee.

-as nearly every Singles 2 version has its own censorship (each country is prude in a different way) the censorship may be affected by the patch.

Those infos came to me from the creator of the patch at Rotobee.

Use Google to trace this 1.4 patch for download.  Attention ! There is one version for the German game only and one international for all other languages. This is the one to use. Take note that I don't have any problem with my game, so I did not test the patch myself. But for those who will, please leave us your comments.

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Samedi 29 avril 6 29 /04 /Avr 16:08


Many players with NVIDIA accelerator card are having problems with Singles 2 after they up dated their graphic driver: The characters are invisibles (eyes & teeth only). And when they install the 1.3 patch... They are still having problems and the "Extensions" subfolder of the game is gone, so no more add-ons !

Here is how to install the 1.3 patch correctly: This tip is from SteveXY and Doberlec. A few players tried it with success. But it is important to follow the steps one by one.


-After up dating your graphic driver correctly (see here for help)

-Put in a safe place on your computer a copy of: your save games, add-ons from your Extensions folder and any modify files that you have (game.cfg, character.lua, etc.)

-Make a clean/complete uninstall of Singles 2. The 1.3 patch won't work if 1.1 and 1.2 is install, so make sure to uninstall them too.

-Create a folder on your desktop an name it "DX". Update your DirectX 9.0c from here. Use the "Execute" button, no need to save the file. When ask , use your "DX" folder from the desktop to extract the files. When finish, open the DX folder and use the DXSETUP.exe... The up date will run by it self.

-Verify if you can see this file: d3dx9_26.dll in your c:\Windows\system32. If not, you made a mistake and the patch will fail.

-Re install Singles 2

-Install the patch 1.3 (download here or here for CD version and here for "on line shopping" version. Please note that the patch for the "on line" version don't work for the "Download-Version" from Ubisoft or Gamesload! (The site is in German but the patches are multi)

-Try the game to see if everything is OK. The version 1.3 is showing at the beginning of the game,
no texture problems. Good!

-Create the missing "Extensions" folder as a subdirectory of your Singles2 and replace your add-ons.

-Replace also your save games and modify files at the right place.

-Delete the "DX" folder.

That's it! Enjoy the game!


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Mercredi 19 avril 3 19 /04 /Avr 22:06




Here is some IMPORTANT informations about the patches for Singles 2 that I received from Deep Silver today  :

All the patches for Singles2 are multilingual.

Here are the direct Links:

ESD = Electronic Software Distribution = on line shopping

Please note that the patches for the ESD Version don't work for the "Download-Version" from
Ubisoft or Gamesload!

And you should also be aware that the patches are cummulative. That means that you MUST install Patch 1.1, then 1.2 and afterwards 1.3. Patch 1.3 doesn't contain all the prior patches! And is for texture problems only. There is no 1.1 in ESD version either.


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Mercredi 5 avril 3 05 /04 /Avr 21:23

Here is the Rotobee’s description of this new patch;

- Correction of the bug caused by the last Nvidia’s drivers.

- Correction of the texture for those which see only the eyes and teeth.

No more need to install some old drivers to make the game works !

IMPORTANT : If you do not have any of these problems this patch is useless for you. This patch is working only with the CD version of the game.

Certain players have problems with this patch when trying to retrieve save games and the Extension folder is not found anymore.

If this is your case, for the moment it is necessary to: uninstall the game, return to less recent driver and use the patch 1.2.

Also read - Patch 1.2 "on line" download version and 1.3

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